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Canon EU-V2 Expansion Unit 2
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Canon EU-V2 Expansion Unit 2

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*up to 2nd day air - overnight available

The Canon EU-V2 Expansion Unit 2 is an add-on accessory for the Canon EOS C500 Mark II 5.9K Camera that adds a V-Mount plate, Genlock out, dual XLR inputs, & an Ethernet port. Key features include:

  • Power a C500 Mark II with common V-Mount batteries (not included)

  • Adds Genlock/Sync out, lens control, & an Ethernet port for network features

  • Adds d-tap & 24V 2A DC power outputs

  • Adds two 3-pin, phantom-powered XLR audio inputs with dedicated controls

Expanded Capabilities. The Canon EU-V2 Expansion Unit 2 turns the Canon EOS C500 Mark II 5.9K Full-Frame Camera in a full-fledged live production camera with expanded power, accessory compatibility, and camera control.

V-Mount Power. The expander features an integrated IDX V-Mount battery plate that is compatible with common V-Lock batteries. The rental does not include batteries or a charger, but you’ll find our available inventory of both here.

Genlock & Camera Control. A Genlock / Sync Out makes this camera live production ready for frame-matched multi-camera shoots, and an Ethernet port provides the ability to control the camera remotely or stream video.

Additional Audio Inputs. This expansion unit will add two 3-pin XLR inputs with phantom power to a C500 Mark II for a total of four. There is a dedicated audio control panel for the two additional inputs.

Accessory Power Outputs. The plate has a d-tap output for powering accessories as well as a three-pin, 24V 12A power output.

Q & A

Will this work on any cameras other than the Canon C500 Mark II?

Can I use this expansion unit while also using the Canon EVF-V50 OLED Viewfinder?
  • No. The EVF-V50 viewfinder uses the same connection point as the viewfinder and cannot be used at the same time as this expansion unit.



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Canon EU-V2 Expansion Unit 2

Hardware - Canon C500 Mark II Accessory