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Atomos AtomX CAST for Ninja V & Ninja V+

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The AtomX CAST is a compact, quad HDMI expansion module that adds four-channel live switching up to 1080p60 and single-channel streaming up to 1080p30 to compatible Atomos Ninja V recorders. Key features include:

  • Add switching capabilities to Atomos Ninja V

  • Offers four channels of HDMI switching with a single HDMI output

  • Stream as a USB webcam from the unit’s USB Type-C output

  • Simultaneous recording, streaming, and monitoring

Switch It Up. The Atomos AtomX CAST for Ninja V is a switching dock for Ninja V and Ninja V+ (pending a future firmware update) recorders that allows four 1080/60p sources to be ingested, recorded, viewed, & streamed as a USB webcam. The CAST integrates seamlessly with a Ninja V, providing an all-in-one switcher, monitor, and recorder solution with a compact footprint.

Inputs & Outputs. The four HDMI inputs can process up to 1080/60p footage and can accept a mix of interlaced and progressive signals, resolutions, and frame rates. An on-board HDMI output sends a 1080p signal out to an external monitor and can be configured for program, preview, or multiview. Simultaneous streaming up to 1080p30 is supported when plugging in the CAST to a computer via the included USB Type C cable. The signal is received by computers as a UVC streaming source for universal compatibility across nearly all popular streaming platforms.

Effect Modes. Single image, picture-in-picture, and four-pane display modes provide options for monitoring. The dock also enables the use of logos and lower thirds overlays that can be uploaded by the user. Switching between sources and adjusting graphics elements can all be done through the touch screen.

Q & A

  • How do I power this thing?
    • The AtomX CAST has a locking barrel DC input and is designed to be powered by the ac adapter included with the Ninja V recorder.

    • For a battery powered solution, the CAST is also compatible with the Atomos D-Tap to DC Barrel Coiled Cable and compatible d-tap power source. Please note, a Ninja V is required for any CAST use.

  • Can I use the Ninja V HDMI In port simultaneously with the CAST?
    • No. When the Ninja V is configured for the CAST module, the HDMI input is disabled. The HDMI output on the Ninja V can be used as a secondary output for multiview, preview, or program.

  • How does the CAST affect Ninja V recording functions?
    • The CAST is only capable of ingesting a 1080i or 1080p signal up to 60 fps so the Ninja V will automatically limit input resolutions to full HD when in use.

    • In addition to resolution constraints, the Ninja V codecs are limited to ProRes or DNx. RAW recording is not supported while the CAST is connected to the Ninja V.

    • The CAST expansion module is designed to match the compact form factor of the Ninja V and may not be compatible with all SSDs. We recommend recording with SSDmini, available here, as separate rental items.

    • Please note, we do not include SSDmini handle adapters by default but we will add them to your order at no additional cost when requested in the special instructions box at checkout.

  • Is this compatible with all Atomos recorders?
    • No. The AtomX CAST is only compatible with Atomos Ninja V, Ninja V w/ Accessory Kit, and Ninja V Pro recorders running firmware version 10.7.1 or later.

    • Support for the Ninja V+ recorder is expected in a future firmware update.


  • Operational Notes
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  • Full Specs






    • 4x HDMI
    • HDMI (program/preview)
    • USB Type-C (USB Webcam)


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    • 6.3 × 5.1 × 1.9″
    • 1.06 lb

    Atomos AtomX CAST for Ninja V & Ninja V+

    Bag - Porta Brace PB-B9 Stuff Sack

    Cable - USB 3.1 Type-C to Type-C 3-foot