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ARRI AMIRA Right Handgrip Set
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ARRI AMIRA Right Handgrip Set

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The ARRI AMIRA Right Handgrip Set is a durable, angle-adjustable handgrip with start/stop control of AMIRAALEXA MINI, and ALEXA cameras. Key features include:

  • Works with the ARRI AMIRA natively or ALEXA MINI with a 3-pin RS adapter (not included)

  • Connects via ARRI standard rosette

  • Coiled connection cable comes attached

  • Long extension arm included

Compatibility. The ARRI AMIRA Right Handgrip Set works with the ARRI AMIRA without an adapter or the ALEXA MINI with an adapter that features a 3-pin RS (run/stop) port.

Start/Stop Control. The handgrip set has a single button for controlling camera record start and record stop. It will not control other camera functions.

Adjustable Arm. The hand grip attaches with an ARRI standard rosette and also comes with an extension arm. This makes adjusting the grip fast and simple. Please note that the grip is for right handed use only.

Q & A

  • Will this work with an ALEXA MINI?
    • Not without an adapter that provides a 3-pin RS port.

  • Will this grip control camera functions besides start/stop?
    • No. This grip has a single button that is only used for starting and stopping camera recording.

  • Can this be used as a left hand grip?
    • No. This grip is molded for right handed operation. It will not work in a left handed orientation.

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    ARRI AMIRA Right Handgrip Set

    Arri Amira Handgrip Extension Arm

    Arri Amira Right Handgrip