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Anton Bauer 68Wh Titon Base Battery w/ P-Tap Charger
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Anton Bauer 68Wh Titon Base Battery w/ P-Tap Charger

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4 Day Rental Price:



*up to 2nd day air - overnight available

The Anton Bauer 68Wh Titon Base Battery is a Titon-range portable power hub that can be used to extend runtime for cameras and accessories over p-tap or USB while conveniently mounting to your rig using 1/4-20 threads and a QR plate. Key features include:

  • 68Wh 14.4V, lithium-ion battery

  • P-Tap and Fast-Charge USB ports

  • 1/4"-20 mounting system w/ quick release

  • Built-in LCD fuel gauge

Compact Titon Power. The Anton Bauer 68Wh Titon Base Battery provides the reliable power of a Titon lithium-ion battery in a slim, lightweight form. Rather than using the standard Anton Bauer locking battery connectors, the Titon Base sports three P-Tap ports and one high-speed USB port for delivering nearly universal, dependable power when paired with compatible cables.

8A Continuous Load. This 14.4 V, 68 Wh power bank offers 8 amps of continuous power load, making it suitable for many DSLR, mirrorless, and small-form cameras and compact accessories. An advanced onboard LCD fuel gauge displays remaining runtime while in use and the battery charge level when not working as an external power source.

Integrated QR System. The Titon Base incorporates a simple, 1/4"-20 mounting system, allowing you to wedge the battery between a camera or accessory and its tripod, lightstand, or other support accessory. Three 1/4-20 inserts are strategically spaced on the bottom, allowing you to establish the proper center of gravity for your rig, and a single built-in quick-release plate snaps into the top of the battery for easy transitions between mounted and handheld work.

Q & A

  • Does this rental include any d-tap cables?
    • No. Rather than driving up the rental price by bundling the Titon Base with every imaginable d-tap cable, we only include the battery and charger with this rental, allowing you to build a custom power solution for your shoot.

  • Is this a gold mount or v-mount battery?
    • Neither. The Titon base is a universal external battery bank that powers devices over p-tap or USB when paired with compatible cables.

  • Accessory Type

    Production Tool




    Anton Bauer


    68 Wh



    • 1.14"
    • 29mm
    • 3.98"
    • 101mm
    • 5.59"
    • 142mm



    3x P-Tap (Input/Output)
    1x USB (5V 2A)

    Item Type

    Accessory and Power

    Maximum Amperage


    Power Compatibility


    Power Type

    Battery and Charger


    14.4 V



    Anton Bauer - P-Tap Charger

    Anton Bauer - Titon Base Battery

    Anton Bauer - Titon Base Battery QR Plate