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Zoom FRC-8 F-Control Surface for Multitrack Field Recorders
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Zoom FRC-8 F-Control Surface for Multitrack Field Recorders

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The Zoom FRC-8 F-Control Surface is an external mixing and control accessory for select Zoom F-Series recorders like the Zoom F8n and F6. Key features include:
  • Works with the Zoom F8n, F8, F6, and F4

  • Eight dedicated channel faders plus one master

  • On-board controls for trim, pan, and track arming

  • Runs off of 4x AA batteries (not included)

For Zoom F8n/F8/F6/F4. The Zoom FRC-8 F-Control Surface is a compact, external mixing and control surface for Zoom F-series audio recorders ranging from the F4 to the F8n Multi Track Field Recorder.

Audio Command Center. The FRC-8 features nine 60mm faders (up to eight independent channels plus one master) and control knobs for trim, pan, and track arming. Additional features like twelve segment on-board LED meters, programmable user buttons, direct 1/4" headphone monitoring, and time code support provide a complete, flexible, on-location audio setup when paired with a compatible recorder.

Simple Setup. Configuring your recorder to work in tandem with the F-Control is as simple as connecting the control surface to a recorder using the included USB cable and navigating to the FRC submenu under the recorder’s USB settings menu. In addition to a USB cable, we also include one 1/4" to 1/4" TRS cable and one 1/4" to 1/8" headphone adapter to make sure you have all the cables you need to get started!

Bus or Battery Powered. This control surface can be powered over USB when used with a Zoom F4 or F8n or with four AA batteries. Batteries aren’t included with this rental, but if you prefer battery power over USB or are planning to use this with the Zoom F8, they’re available as separate rental items. Four NiMH 2500mAh batteries will power the FRC-8 for approximately twelve hours.

Q & A

  • Is this compatible with non F-series Zoom recorders?
    • No. This control surface is only compatible with Zoom F4, F6, F8, and F8n recorders.

  • Can this be powered over USB?
    • This can be powered over USB when used with a recorder that supports bus power like the F8n Multi Track Field Recorder. Please note, if you are using this with the original F8, you will need batteries.

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