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Wooden Single Rosette Arm w/ Leather Handle
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Wooden Single Rosette Arm w/ Leather Handle

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The Wooden Single Rosette Arm w/ Leather Handle is an add-on accessory for cinema cameras and their shoulder mounts that offer a rosette connection. Key features include:

  • Single Arm Add-On

  • 7.5-inch Rosette Arm

  • Brown Leather Rosette Handle

  • Cost-Friendly

Single Arm Add-On. Let’s face it, many cameras and shoulder mounts don’t include two arms. This add-on accessory product was built to combat this.

7.5-inch Rosette Arm. This arm attaches directly to your camera or shoulder mount’s Arri style rosette, extending the included hand grip 6.6-inches. One M6 adjustable handle is included with the arm.

Brown Leather Rosette Handle. Fancy for hand grip, this rosette handle is wrapped in contoured brown leather for a sleek, se… Wait, getting too fancy again. This grip has an Arri style rosette with M6 adjustable handle that attaches to the above-mentioned arm.

Cost-Friendly. There are some crazy-expensive hand grips out there. This one both looks and functions great, at a fraction of the cost. If you need a 2nd rosette arm w/ grip, this is among the best options around.


  • Rosette Arm
  • Leather Handle
  • (2) M6 Locking levers
  • 3mm L-key
  • 6mm spacer