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Wooden Camera PL Lens to Canon R Pro Adapter
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Wooden Camera PL Lens to Canon R Pro Adapter

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The Wooden Camera PL Lens to Canon R Pro Adapter allows you to mount cine-style PL-mount lenses to the RED KOMODO cameras. Key features include:

  • Mount PL lenses on RED KOMODO cameras

  • Includes seven color-coded shims

  • Manual aperture and focus

  • Sturdy design

PL Mount. The Wooden Camera PL Lens to Canon R Pro Adapter lets you mount PL cinema lenses on the RED KOMODO 6K and RED KOMODO 6K Special Edition cameras.

Shimmable Adapter. This adapter includes seven color-coded shims of various thicknesses, which you can easily swap out or stack via six socket cap screws to adjust the back focus.

Manual Aperture and Focus. This adapter provides no electronic communication between the camera and lens. You must make all aperture and focus adjustments manually on the lens itself. The aperture you select won’t be displayed on the camera, and it won’t show up in the EXIF data.

Q & A

  • Does this adapter allow slam infinity focus?
    • This adapter doesn’t allow slam infinity focus. Every lens will be slightly different, and they’re designed to be this way. If you do any infinity-focus adjustment to this adapter, we’ll charge you.

  • Does this adapter support autofocus?
    • This adapter does not support autofocus.

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    Wooden Camera

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    Canon EF

    Adapter - Wooden PL to Canon R Pro