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Wooden Cable-less Gold Mount Plate for RED DSMC2 Brain
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Wooden Cable-less Gold Mount Plate for RED DSMC2 Brain

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The Wooden Cable-less Gold Mount Plate is a battery powering option for RED DSMC2 Brains, such as the RED Weapon Helium. Key features include:

  • Only for RED DSMC2 brains

  • Dedicated circuit board with pogo interface

  • Two D-Tap ports

  • Wooden Quick Back included

Anton Bauer Gold Mount. This battery plate uses a dedicated circuit board with pogo interface to send power to a compatible DSMC2 brain. Additionally, the Gold Mount battery plate offers two D-Tap ports for powering additional accessories.

Wooden Quick Back. So what’s the big deal with the pogo connection? Well, you don’t have to mess with wires. What better way to take advantage of a wire-free battery plate than Wooden’s Quick Back. Four integrated, tool-free knurled thumbscrews enable quick attachment and removal in just seconds.

This battery plate works with:

  • RED Weapon Helium 8K S35 Brain
  • RED Epic-W Helium 8K S35 Brain
  • RED Raven Brain
  • Anton Bauer CINE 90 / Digital 90 Gold Mount Battery
  • ikan 190Wh 2-Piece AB Gold Mount Battery
  • ikan 95Wh AB Gold Mount Battery
  • Anton Bauer Dual Gold Mount Charger
  • Anton Bauer LP2 Dual Gold Mount Battery Charger

RED - Wooden Quick Back for DSMC2