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Westcott FJ80 II S Touchscreen 80Ws Speedlight for Sony
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Westcott FJ80 II S Touchscreen 80Ws Speedlight for Sony

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The Westcott FJ80 II S Touchscreen 80Ws Speedlight for Sony is a Sony compatible wireless flash device designed to quickly illuminate the subject of your image. Key features include:

  • Sony TTL compatible

  • 328’ wireless range

  • 500+ flashes on rechargeable battery

  • 2.8" touchscreen, onboard transceiver

Lightning Fast Flash. The Westcott FJ80 II S Touchscreen 80Ws Speedlight for Sony offers a unique and advanced experience for your photography needs. This flash features a 2.8" LCD touchscreen for quick adjustments to any settings, and is fuelad by a rechargeable battery that will give you 500+ full-power flashes. The FJ80 II also offers an incredible 9-stop power range in 0.1-stop and 1-stop increments, recycles in 0.05 to 1.5 seconds, and is capable of a blazingly fast 20 fps. It also supports High-Speed Sync up to 1/8000 second as well as front and rear curtain sync.

Integrated Transceiver. One of the speedlight’s quirky features is its integrated 2.4 GHz transceiver, which lets you use the FJ80 II on-camera as both a flash and transmitter. You can control FJ400 and FJ200 strobes, FJ-XR receivers, and off-camera FJ80-series speedlights directly from the hot shoe. Additionally, when mounted off-camera, the FJ80 II acts as a client speedlight and lets you trigger via an on-camera mounted FJ80, FJ-X2m, or FJ-X3 Wireless Trigger. The FJ80 II also offers enhanced wireless communication in high-interference locations like events and weddings.

Q & A

  • What cameras are compatible with this flash?
    • Only Sony cameras are compatible with this flash.

  • Resources

  • Manual
  • Quick Start Guide


    Exposure Control

    Exposure Control

    • Sony ADI / P-TTL
    Flash Modes
    • Hi-Speed Sync
    • Second-Curtain Sync


    Flash Head

    Bounce Head

    • 0 to +90°
    Swivel Head
    • 360°
    Recycle Time
    • Up to 0.05 to 1.5 Seconds


    General Mount
    • Shoe
    Item Type


    Lighting Type

    Strobe Lighting

    Physical Package Weight
    • 2.59 lb
    Box Dimensions
    • (LxWxH) 9.9 × 8.5 × 3.8″
    Power Internal Power
    • 1 x Rechargeable (Lithium-Ion)

    Wireless Operation

    • Radio (TTL/Manual) Up to 328’
    Wireless Channels
    • 31
    Wireless Groups
    • 16
    Remote Timing Modes

    Westcott FJ80 II S Touchscreen 80Ws Speedlight for Sony

    Cable - USB 2.0 Type-A to Type-C 6-foot

    Case - Westcott FJ80 Travel Case

    Charger - Westcott FJ80 II

    Strobe Accessory - Westcott FJ80 II Battery

    Strobe Accessory - Westcott FJ80 Shoe Stand

    USB Charger - Type-A 5V / 3A 1 Port Westcott