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Venus Optics Laowa 24mm T8 Pro2be 90° Periscope Probe (PL)
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Venus Optics Laowa 24mm T8 Pro2be 90° Periscope Probe (PL)

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The Venus Optics Laowa 24mm T8 Pro2be 90° Periscope Probe (PL) is a long, slender periscope lens designed for macro shooting on up to full-frame PL-mount cameras. Key features include:

  • 90° periscope view; T8 to T40 aperture range

  • Designed for macro shooting and easy maneuverability

  • Slim, waterproof barrel with 360° rotation at the mount

  • Advanced optical design; next to no distortion

PL Mount. The Venus Optics Laowa 24mm T8 Pro2be 90° Periscope Probe (PL) is a fast-aperture close-up periscope probe lens designed for use on PL-mount cameras. It covers up to full-frame image sensors.

90° Periscope-Style Lens. This lens’s 90° periscope-style view lets you capture sharp, magnified ground-, table-, or overhead-level shots at a right angle while operating the camera from a comfortable position.

Wide-Angle Macro Prime. The 24mm Pro2be’s 2x magnification ratio and a 0.2-inch minimum focusing distance let you shoot extreme close-ups with total clarity. Its wide-angle focal length provides greater depth of field than standard telephoto macros for less subject isolation and more background detail, and its reasonably fast T8 maximum aperture lets you work in low light.

Maximum Maneuverability. The Venus 24mm Pro2be was designed for maneuverability and reach. Its extended, adjustable barrel is long and narrow enough to move through tight spaces and lightweight enough to easily and comfortably be positioned at any angle you choose. It can rotate 360° at the lens mount, and it’s waterproof down to 14.4 inches. It’s ideal for dynamic traveling shots through products, models, and the like; it lets you get on-axis spinning shots; and it can capture underwater shots without worry, so you definitely won’t be wanting for creative shooting options.

Exceptional Sharpness and Color Rendition. This lens’s rectilinear 25-group/34-element optical design incorporates 4 High Refractive Index elements and 9 Extra-Low Dispersion glass elements to keep your images sharp and their color rendition accurate while combating diffraction, distortion, and aberrations.

Fully Manual Lens. This is a fully manual lens that provides no electronic communication with the camera. You must manually make all aperture and focus adjustments on the lens itself, and lens information is not transferred through EXIF data. A dedicated switch lets you quickly de-click the manual aperture ring for smooth, quiet rotation that’s great for video.

Angle of View

Full Frame

  • Horizontal: 85°


Aperture Blades



Manual Focus Only


Venus Optics


Full Frame

Electronic Communication


Filter Thread


Focal Length


Gear Rotation


  • 150°
  • 50°



Dimensions (o x L)

  • 1.2″ × 19.7″ / 30.4mm x 500mm
  • 2.34 lb. / 1.06 kg


Hood Included


Image Stabilization


Item Type


Lens Type


Max Aperture


Maximum Magnification

Not Specified by Manufacturer

Mfr. Model Number


Minimum Aperture


Minimum Focusing Distance

From Front of Lens

  • 0.2" / 4mm



PL Mount

Optical Design


  • 25/34
High Refractive Index Elements
  • 4
Extra-Low Dispersion Glass Elements
  • 9


Waterproof Depth Rating

Advertised as Submersible to 14.4" / 36.6 cm

Venus Optics Laowa 24mm T8 Pro2be 90° Periscope Probe (PL)

Hardware - Venus Optics Laowa Pro2be

Hood - Venus Laowa Pro2be Magnetic 30.5mm Front Cap

Mount - Venus Optics Laowa 24mm T8 Pro2be PL

PL Rear Lens Cap

Venus Optics Laowa Pro2be Rotating Optical Block