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4 x 5.6 Tiffen Black Satin 1/2 Filter
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4 x 5.6 Tiffen Black Satin 1/2 Filter

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Tiffen's line of Black Satin filters reduces highlights and slightly lowers contrast while adding granularity over the entire image. This has a wonderful effect of also smoothing out wrinkles and other skin blemishes. Halations around highlights are created which can give a slightly dreamy look. Unlike old-school diffusion or soft focus filters, the Satin filters keeps most of the detail in the image, appearing to only soften facial wrinkles. They work great in our Wooden Camera UMB-1 Matte Box or Zip Box

Type Soft focus and diffusion
Size 4 x 5.65" (101.6 x 143.5 mm)
Thickness 0.2" (4.0 mm)
Grade 1/2
Effect Reduces the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles; softens contrast, highlights, and textures; maintains overall sharpness, creates halation around highlights along with intentional warming effect with granularity over an entire image
Construction Water white glass with ColorCore technology

4 x 5.6 Tiffen Black Satin 1/2 Filter

Tiffen 4x5.65" Filter Case