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Sony 512GB AXS-A Memory Card (S48)
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Sony 512GB AXS-A Memory Card (S48)

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The Sony 512GB AXS-A Memory Card (S48) is a high-speed, linear-recording flash memory card for the Sony AXS-R7 4K RAW Recorder. Key features include:

  • Capture 4K RAW or 2K RAW

  • 4.8 Gbps write speed

  • Low power usage

  • AXS-A adapter not included

4K / 2K RAW Recording. The Sony 512GB AXS-A Memory Card (S48) can capture up to 60 minutes of 4K RAW and 235 minutes of 2K RAW at 23.98PsF, 48 minutes of 4K RAW and 189 minutes of 2K RAW at 29.97PsF, or 23 minutes of 4K RAW and 94 minutes of 2K RAW at 60p.

Improved AXS Technology. AXS-A memory cards are born work horses that draw less power and provide better ventilation than previous AXS cards. The S48 series AXS-A memory cards feature an impressive 4.8 Gbps write speed, enabling 4K and 2K RAW recording with the AXS-R7 External 4K RAW Recorder, while helping keep your camera safe from overheating.

Slim Body Style. The Sony 512GB AXS-A Memory Card (S48) is natively compatible with the Sony AXS-R7 but requires an AXS-A adapter (not included) for most card readers. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this card’s compatibility.

Q & A

Is this natively compatible with the Sony AXS-R5 or CR1 reader?

  • This memory card is only natively compatible with the Sony AXS-R7 and requires an adapter for most other Cine Alta products.

  • If you are renting the Sony AXS-CR1 USB 3.0 Card Reader, you will receive an AXS-A Adapter with the product. It is no longer included with each memory card.





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Memory Card - AXS-A Sony 512GB S48