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Sigma MC-31 PL Lens to L-mount Adapter
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Sigma MC-31 PL Lens to L-mount Adapter

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The Sigma MC-31 PL Lens to L-mount Adapter allows you to use PL-mount lenses on L-mount camera bodies. Key features include:

  • Adapts PL lenses to L-mount cameras

  • Secure mounting

  • Shim adjustments on the camera- and lens-side mounts

  • Tough, all-metal build with removable tripod socket

PL Lens To Leica L Camera. The Sigma MC-31 PL Lens to L-mount Adapter allows you to mount PL-mount lenses to L-mount cameras, on which it offers full-frame coverage.

Shim Adjustments. This adapter has shim adjustments on two points of its mount. You can adjust the flange depth on the camera-side and lens-side mounts to ensure that the camera and lens are both properly calibrated.

Durable, All-Metal Build. The MC-31 boasts an aluminum-alloy body, and a brass mount and locking ring for serious durability. It can attach to the Sigma fp with a screw thread for even greater security between the lens and that camera. This also prevents the lens from rattling, even on long shoots.

Removable Tripod Socket. The removable tripod socket lets you attach this adapter to tripods, camera cages, and other accessories.

Luminous Paint. The markings on the upper portion of this adapter are in the same luminous paint that Sigma uses on its cine lenses, making changeovers and adjustments easy, even in the dark.

Secure Mounting. Removing the screw thread releases the locking ring on the stopper, which allows you to use the MC-31 on a PL-mount lens that needs tighter mounting than the adapter’s default configuration allows.

Powered by the Camera Body. This adapter doesn’t require any additional power source. On top of that, the adapter’s built-in LED immediately tells you whether or not the mounted lens is compatible.

Q & A

  • Which lenses are compatible with the Sigma MC-31 PL Lens to L-mount Adapter?
    • MC-31 adapter-compatible lenses can be found in the Recommended section on the right-hand side of this page. If you aren’t sure if a lens is compatible, please contact us.

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