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Sachtler FSB 10 T FT MS Flowtech 100 Tripod System
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Sachtler FSB 10 T FT MS Flowtech 100 Tripod System

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The Sachtler FSB 10 T FT MS Flowtech 100 Tripod System is a complete fluid-head tripod kit that is capable of supporting cameras up to 26.5 lb. Key features include:

  • Fluid movement for cameras up to 26.5 lb

  • Height adjustable between 28" & 68"

  • 10-step counterbalance & 5-step drag control

  • Extends with brake levers mounted at top of legs

Moderate to Heavy Weight Capacity. The FSB 10T fluid head offers a weight capacity of up to 26.5 lb. The tripod alone can support up to 66 lb on its 100mm bowl.

Quick Release. The FSB 10 T head features Sachtler’s Touch & Go plate system, enabling quick removal. Additionally, the integrated sliding baseplate offers 2.4" of sliding range for quick balancing.

Dynamic Counterbalancing System. The ten-step dynamic counterbalancing system compensates for torques as the camera tilts, preventing the camera from inadvertently tipping and ensuring that it is positioned securely at any tilt angle.

Top-Mounted Brake Lever. The Flowtech 100 MS Carbon Fiber Tripod is a durable carbon-fiber tripod with a 100mm leveling bowl. Flowtech tripods feature a top-mounted brake lever that allows all legs to be extended without repeatedly reaching down to the ground. Spines everywhere rejoice. Legs feature two stages and a convenient carry handle.

100mm SpeedLevel Clamp. We’ve chosen to upgrade out Flowtech 100 tripod kits to include Sachtler’s SpeedLevel Clamp for 100mm fluid heads. While most tie down knobs require you to twist to loosen and level, the SpeedLevel Clamp you just squeeze, adjust level, then release.

Additional Accessories. In addition to the tripod and head, this kit comes with a mid-level spreader, three rubber feet, and a pan bar in a carrying case.




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Fluidhead Kits

Sachtler FSB 10 T FT MS Flowtech 100 Tripod System

Case - Sachtler ENG 2 (M38)

Fluid Head - Sachtler FSB-10T

Support Accessory - Sachtler 100mm Speedlevel Clamp

Support Accessory - Sachtler Flowtech 100 Mid-Level Spreader

Support Accessory - Sachtler Flowtech Carry Handle

Support Accessory - Sachtler FSB QR Plate

Support Accessory - Sachtler Pan Handle DV 75

Tripod - Sachtler Flowtech 100 MS CF