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RED DSMC2 Side Handle
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RED DSMC2 Side Handle

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The RED DSMC2 Side Handle is a hand-held, customizable control module for the second generation RED Cinema Cameras. Key features include:

  • Helps Give the Most Compact, Handheld Setup Available

  • Keeps Key Controls in the Palm of Your Hand

  • Start/Stop Control

  • DSMC2 Brains Only

Compact, Handleheld Tool. The DSMC2 Side Handle features a molded rubber grip that provides you with an ergonomic operating solution that keeps a low, low profile.

Key Controls. An exhaustive list of camera controls are at your fingertips. The rear wheel and directional pad offer control over menu options directly from the handle. There’s four customizable user buttons that provide quick access to controls such as magnification, exposure, white balance, and autofocus. There’s also focus and iris control wheels that can also be user assignable to other camera functions.

Start/Stop. Like any good side handle, there’s a conveniently placed button for starting and stopping the camera.