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Ready Rig GS Stabilizer w/ ProArm Kit
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Ready Rig GS Stabilizer w/ ProArm Kit

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The Ready Rig GS Stabilizer w/ ProArm Kit is redistributes the weight of equipment up to 40 pounds to make long shoots easier, while also smoothing out your footage. Key features include:

  • Redistributes camera weight to make long shoots easier

  • Added stabilization to vertical axis

  • Carbon fiber support arms extend to 55 inches

  • Supports equipment up to 40 pounds

Compact Weight Redistribution. The Ready Rig GS Stabilizer w/ ProArm Kit serves the same purpose as other video support vests like those from EasyRig but has a dual-arm, over-the-shoulder design in place of the single, overhead arm found on EasyRig supports. This decreases vertical clearance required and makes tasks like moving through doorways and operating in tight quarters much easier. The vest redistributes what would be weight on your arms and lower back to your core to reduce fatigue and keep you shooting longer. A 40 pound payload means even large cameras and gimbals are supported, and extending arms help adjust your rig to a comfortable distance.

Added Stabilization. If you’ve used a gimbal before, you will be familiar with the bobbing motion that can be seen on some fast moving on-foot gimbal shots. Extra vertical stabilization is inherent to the design of the ReadyRig and helps smooth every axis of movement.

Lightweight & Durable. Every piece of the Ready Rig is designed and manufactured in the USA. The rods are made of carbon fiber, and the pack and straps are made of 1000D Cordura and aerospace grade aluminum for a total assembled weight of about 10 pounds. For your purposes, that translates to a lightweight rig that won’t break on set.

Other Notable Features. Ready Rig touts a 2 minute set up time, but even without Olympic speed, set up is fast and simple. Everything fits in a lightweight soft case for travel. Gimbals are connected via two velcro quick release straps, and the ProArm even features a 1/4-20 mounting point for monitors and other accessories.


  • Ready Rig GS
  • (2) ProArm Shoulder Mount
  • (2) ProArm Extendable CF Rod
  • (2) Rear Tension Cable
  • (2) Universal Gimbal Attachment
  • (2) BungeeMount Knob
  • (2) Rear Setknob
  • (2) Shoulder Mount Knob
  • Travel bag

Ready Rig

Item Type


Load Capacity

Up to 40lb


Telescoping Arm

  • 23" to 27"
Boom Range
  • 55"
Belt Size
  • 28" to 44"
  • 14 lb