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Oben ACM-2400 Monopod w/ VH-R2 Swivel/Tilt Head
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Oben ACM-2400 Monopod w/ VH-R2 Swivel/Tilt Head

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The Oben ACM-2400 4-Section Aluminum Monopod with VH-R2 Swivel/Tilt Head is a lightweight monopod kit assembled with sports shooters in mind. Key features include:

  • Great for sports shooting

  • 180° swivel, 90° tilt

  • Supports up to 11 lbs.; weighs just 2.29 lbs.

  • Extends to 63.2 inches; collapses to 21.6 inches

Sports Setup. This kit is perfect for telephoto/light super telephoto use. The VH-R2 Swivel/Tilt head is rated for up to 11 lbs., making it an ideal pairing for 70-200s, 100-400s, and 300 f/2.8s.

Quick-Release System. The removable lens plate makes quick lens swaps a breeze.

Tilt/Swivel. This kit’s 180° one-axis movement gives you greater flexibility in shooting angles. While it’s more restrictive than a traditional ballhead, you don’t have to worry about it flopping around. Additionally, if your setup doesn’t include a lens with a tripod ring, you can use the tilt functionality to position your camera in the 90° vertical format.

Lightweight Yet Flexible. The whole kit and caboodle tips the scales at just 2.29 lbs., yet extends to a maximum height of 63.2 inches. Flip locks allow the four-section monopod to collapse to just 21.6 inches with the head installed.



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Oben ACM-2400 Monopod w/ VH-R2 Swivel/Tilt Head

Support Accessory - Oben RP-20 QR Plate

Tripod Head - Oben VH-R2 Tilt Head