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Metabones PL to Fuji X T CINE Adapter
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Metabones PL to Fuji X T CINE Adapter

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The Metabones PL to Fuji X T CINE Adapter allows you to mount any PL-mount lens to a Fuji X-mount camera. Key features include:

  • Mounts PL lenses to Fuji X cameras

  • Manual aperture and focus

  • Sturdy design with built-in tripod foot

Lens and Camera Compatibility. The Metabones PL to Fuji X T CINE Adapter lets you mount PL cinema lenses on all Fuji X-mount cameras.

Manual Aperture and Focus. This adapter provides no electronic communication between the camera and lens. You must make all aperture and focus adjustments manually on the lens itself. The aperture you select won’t be displayed on the camera, and it won’t show up in the EXIF data.

Sturdy Design with Detachable Tripod Foot. The brass and chromium-plated build give this adapter a solid feel, with a detachable Arca-Swiss compatible tripod foot that lets you mount the adapter directly to a tripod. This ensures the lens’s weight doesn’t put additional stress on the camera’s mount.

Q & A

Do you recommend this product for professional work?

  • We can’t recommend this product for professional work. We reached this decision after Lensrentals folks and rental clients experienced repeated failures in the field. Though it might work much of the time, it’s our opinion that this product’s performance is too unpredictable to be trusted on high-value projects. Use for casual testing or try-before-you-buy purposes only. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Does this adapter allow slam infinity focus?
  • This adapter doesn’t allow slam infinity focus. Every lens will be slightly different, and they’re designed to be this way. If you do any infinity-focus adjustment to this adapter, we’ll charge you.

Does this adapter support autofocus?
  • This adapter does not support autofocus.

Is this adapter compatible with all Fuji X-mount cameras?
  • This adapter is compatible with all Fuji X-mount cameras.



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Adapter - Metabones PL to Fuji X

Canon PL Body Cap

Fuji Rear Lens Cap

Support Accessory - Metabones PL Adapter Foot