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Matthews 3.8-foot Slider Stand
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Matthews 3.8-foot Slider Stand

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The Matthews Slider Stand provides a HEAVY, rock-solid base to mount various sliders. The stand weighs 14 lbs and can support maximum load of a crazy 80 lbs. Its minimum height is 24" and maximum height is 46". Use these with any of our sliders or use multiple with the Kessler Kwik Rail Speed Rail Kit to make sure there is zero movement for your sliding shot. We include a Matthews 3/8" male adapter so you can screw it directly into the bottom of the slider. Or you can remove it and use the Slider Stand as a short C-Stand.

You can use one of these Slider Stands if you are using a 2 or 3 foot slider, but a 5 foot slider still requires 2 Slider Stands, 1 on each end.

Load Capacity 80 lb (36.3 kg)
Maximum Height 46" (117 cm)
Minimum Height 24" (61 cm)
Footprint 37" (94 cm)
Weight 14 lb (6.4 kg)

Matthews 3.8-foot Slider Stand

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