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DZOFilm VESPID 90mm Macro T2.8 (PL)
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DZOFilm VESPID 90mm Macro T2.8 (PL)

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The DZOFilm VESPID 90mm Macro T2.8 is a small, lightweight cine macro prime for PL-mount cameras and camcorders. It covers full-frame sensors. Key features include:

  • 10.1-inch close focusing distance; 1:1 macro capabilities

  • Covers full-frame sensors

  • High-quality cine build with geared focus and zoom rings

  • 80mm Front diameter; common VESPID front diameter

VESPID Prime Lens Lineup. Nimble and agile like a wasp, the VESPID lineup by DZOFILM is aimed to be swift and fast. Easily satisfying different shooting conditions, the VESPID primes are the perfect balance between appropriate sharpness, and organic softness. These lenses help create a cinematic feel by using a 16-blade iris to achieve natural and soft bokeh. Born for a new era of motion pictures, the round out-of-focus highlights and perfect aberration correction creates for a more natural appearance and contribute to the lens’s natural-look. No obvious sharp edges or bright spots means happy clients and cinematographers alike!

10.1-inch Close Focusing Distance; 1:1 Macro Capabilities. This macro focus lens has a close focus distance of 10.157", allowing you to reproduce an in-focus image with a 1:1 object to image size ratio on the sensor.

Minimal Focus Breathing. When working with the VESPID prime lens lineup, there is minimal focus breathing, allowing you to create more professional and immersive shots. The neutral and soft color rendering is perfect for skin, and makes color matching easy when shooting A and B rolls.

High-Quality Cine Build. The entire lens line shares an 80mm front diameter, 77mm filter thread size, and 0.8 MOD focus/iris cine gears, which make it easy to change matte boxes, follow focus systems, and other accessories without much reconfiguration. The focus ring features 300° of rotation for precise focus pulls, and the iris ring a generous 68° of rotation. Cine-style gear rings on the focus and iris rings make the lens compatible with cine-style lens accessories such as follow focus units, lens motors, and lens control systems.

Aperture Blades




Electronic Communication


Filter Thread


Focal Length


Focus Rotation


Focus Scales

Metric, Imperial


Full Frame

Front Lens Diameter

80 mm

Gear Mod and Pitch

Focus: 0.8 MOD / 32 Pitch
Iris: 0.8 MOD / 32 Pitch

Image Circle

46.5 mm




4.4" / 112 mm

Lens Mount


Minimum Focusing Distance

10.157" / 0.846 ft

Recommended For

Premium Cine

DZOFilm VESPID 90mm Macro T2.8 (PL)

Filter - Protective B+W XS-Pro Clear 77mm

Hood - DZO VESPID 80mm Push-On Cap

Rear Cap - Cinematics PL