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DJI RED Cable Kit for Ronin 2
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DJI RED Cable Kit for Ronin 2

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The DJI RED Cable Kit for Ronin 2 provides power and RCPRED camera control of select RED cameras when used with the DJI Ronin 2. Key features include:

  • Works with the DJI Ronin 2

  • RED RCP control of RED brains

  • Power RED cameras with Ronin 2 batteries

Power RED Cameras With Ronin 2. The DJI RED Cable Kit for Ronin 2 provides power to RED cameras when used with the DJI Ronin 2. This allows the user to shed valuable weight and excess bulk by removing batteries and battery plates from their rig. Keep in mind that the Ronin2 battery life can be reduced down to less than 2 hours when powering cameras and accessories.

Control Cameras Through RED RCP. When using REDcameras equipped with a “CTRL” port, RED’s “REDLINKCommand Protocol” provides control of camera controls such as iris, shutter speed, and record start/stop among others. Please note that additional accessories may be required to provide a “CTRL” port on your RED camera.

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Stabilizer and Accessory

DJI RED Cable Kit for Ronin 2

Cable - DJI RED Power Cable

Cable - DJI RED RCP Control Cable