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DJI Charging Hub for Inspire 2 / Ronin 2
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DJI Charging Hub for Inspire 2 / Ronin 2

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The DJI Charging Hub for Inspire 2 / Ronin 2 charges up to four of the DJI TB50 Intelligent Flight Battery far more quickly and efficiently than the standard charger. Key features include:

  • Simultaneous four-battery charging

  • Charges battery pair with the most power first

  • Charges four batteries in just 3 hours

  • Only for DJI TB50 Intelligent Flight Batteries

Sequential Four-Battery Charging. The DJI IN2CH Charging Hub lets you sequentially charge up to four DJI TB50 Intelligent Flight Batteries, starting with the pair that has the most stored power. If batteries are not paired, it will charge them individually starting with the highest power level battery.

Rapid Charging. This quad-charging hub optimizes charging for maximum efficiency, fully charging four batteries in just 3 hours. This charge time is markedly faster than what you’d get with the standard single charger.

DJI Charging Hub for Inspire 2 / Ronin 2

Charger - 3 Prong Universal Power Cord 6ft

Drone - DJI Inspire 2 AC Adapter 180W (ADE018)

Drone - DJI Inspire 2 Charging Hub (IN2CH)