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Blackmagic Design URSA Mini SSD Recorder
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Blackmagic Design URSA Mini SSD Recorder

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Not a fan of CFast cards? Want higher capacity recording options for your Ursa Mini? No problem! The Blackmagic Design URSA Mini SSD Recorder is the single-slot SSDrecording solution for you. Key features include:

  • Record to 2.5" SSD with Ursa Mini cameras

  • Supports RAW CDNG & ProRes recording

  • Up to 4.6K 12-bit RAW recording

  • Simple and intuitive Ursa Mini camera integration

Pass On CFast. The Blackmagic Design URSA Mini SSDRecorder is an add-on accessory for Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro G2Blackmagic URSA Mini ProURSA Mini 4.6K, and URSA Mini 4K cameras that allows you to record directly to a solid state drive. Please note, while SSDs are widely available, only certain drives have enough bandwidth to record 4.6K RAW or Ultra HD footage. Please check the Recommended SSD List to verify your SSD can record at your preferred quality.

RAW CDNG & ProRes Recording. With compatible cameras and approved drives, this SSD recorder can ingest and record up to 4.6K 30fps RAW CDNG or 4K 60fps ProRes 422HQ footage with RAW images recorded up to full 12-bit quality. Before committing to RAW, please check that your SSD and editing software will support that format.

Start/Stop & Battery Pass-Through. This recorder connects to the camera’s rear molex port and passes power from a compatible battery plate to the camera. Camera communication is handled by an attached 6G-SDI cable, and allows for direct from the camera SSD recording start/stop and memory information. Keep in mind that using the SSD recorder requires both rear SDI in and SDI out ports, leaving only the camera’s LCD or the front SDI port for monitoring.

Q & A

Are there any specific media requirements for this recorder?

  • Yes. You can find the full list of compatible SSD media here.

Can I use this recorder with an external monitor and/or switcher?
  • This recorder requires the use of both the SDI input and output connectors on the rear panel, leaving only the down converted 3G-SDI front SDI out connector for external monitoring. This output is limited to HD and only intended for live view when the fold out monitor is inaccessible or impractical.

  • Switchers like the ATEM are not optimized to work with the front SDI out port. Higher resolutions and features such as program feed are not available when using this recorder.

What is the minimum firmware requirement for this recorder?
  • This recorder is only compatible with cameras running firmware version 4.8 or newer.

Does this rental include DaVinci Resolve?
  • Due to copyright, we can’t include DaVinci Resolve with rentals. You may download DaVinci Resolve Lite for free here.

Is SSD media included with this rental?
  • No. This rental does not include any SSD media. You must rent it separately.



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Blackmagic Design URSA Mini SSD Recorder

Hardware - Blackmagic URSA Mini SSD Recorder

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