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Benro 100mm Hi-Hat w/ 75mm Bowl Adapter
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Benro 100mm Hi-Hat w/ 75mm Bowl Adapter

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The Benro 100mm Hi-Hat w/ 75mm Bowl Adapter is a tripod solution for use with our cameras, sliders, and jibs. Key features include:

  • Get Low. With a maximum height of 11" and a minimum height of just 3", the Benro 100mm Hi-Hat makes it incredibly easy to keep low angle shots rock steady.
  • 75mm Bowl Adapter. The Benro Hi-Hat comes standard with a 100mm bowl, but we include a 75mm adapter making it incredibly versatile and compatible with most of our video heads. If using your own 75mm head, make sure your head’s threaded bolt is at least 2" long.
  • Tank Level Build. The Hi-Hat supports up to 220 lbs making it compatible with everything from DSLRs to cinema rigs. Each leg has an independent spread for working on uneven ground. The feet also have pre-drilled holes for securing to a ladder, an apple box or a sheet of plywood.
  • Tie Down Adapters. To maximize compatibility with a wide range of fluid heads, we include both the Benro 3/8-16" threaded and Sachtler 10mm threaded low profile tie down adapters with the rental.
  • Please Note. This is only the Hi-Hat tripod itself. There is no tripod head or mounting ball included. For heavier rigs we recommend the Manfrotto 509HD Professional Fluid Head.


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Benro 100mm Hi-Hat w/ 75mm Bowl Adapter

Case - Benro AC-1727 for Hi-Hat

Support Accessory - Benro BA1075 100mm/75mm Bowl Adapter

Support Accessory - Benro Low Pro. Tie Down Adapter

Support Accessory - Sachtler Tie Down Knob