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Belden 150ft Cat 6A Ethernet Cable Extension
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Belden 150ft Cat 6A Ethernet Cable Extension

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The Belden 150ft Cat 6A Ethernet Cable Extension is a .265” OD, high-throughput ethernet extension cable with a small bend radius and uniform heat flow dissipation for demanding video applications. Key features include:

  • Male by female cable for extending ethernet runs

  • Up to 10 Gbps transfer speed

  • RJ45 connectors

  • 100 watt PoE support

Premium Ethernet Cable. This Belden 150ft Cat 6A ethernet cable extension is made from high-quality, .265” OD Belden 10GXS32 cable that’s capable of transmitting up to 10 Gbps of data and 100 watts of energy in PoE applications. The cable is sleeved in heat dissipating Polyolefin with a bendable PVC outer jacket.

Male by Female RJ45 Connectors. This is a male by female ethernet cable for extending a male by male cable like the Belden 150ft Cat 6A Ethernet Cable. Please note that long runs of cable may require a repeater. If you have questions, please contact us.

Great for NDI & HDBaseT. This cable has enough throughput for intensive video applications like NDINDI HX, and HDBaseT, and in some situations, removes the need for a separate power supply thanks to its compatibility with four-pair power over ethernet.

Q & A

  • Do you rent a male by male version of this cable?
  • Is this cable comparable in size and weight to common ethernet cables?
    • This is the Terminator of ethernet cables. You’ll get unrelenting peak performance, but the tradeoff is bulk and an uncooperative working relationship.

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    Belden 150ft Cat 6A Ethernet Cable Extension

    Cable - REVConnect 10GX Field Mount Plug

    Cable - REVConnect 10GX Modular Jack