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Belden 12ft 12G-SDI BNC Cable
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Belden 12ft 12G-SDI BNC Cable

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The Belden 12ft 12G-SDI BNC Cable is an ultra-miniature, 4K-ready coax cable with Neutrik Rear TWIST BNC connectors. This 12-foot cable is capable of 12 GHz video transmission. Key features include:

  • 179DT ultra-miniature RG-179 coax cable

  • Neutrik Rear TWIST Tiny BNC connector w/orange boot

  • Supports up to 12 GHz transmission

  • 12-foot length w/angled adapter included

Ultra-Miniature Coax Cable. The Belden 12ft 12G-SDI BNC Cable is TINY. It’s hard to overstate how lightweight the 2.54mm diameter ultra-miniature coax cable is. This listing is for our 12-foot version of the cable, which is perfectly suited for applications where high video bandwidth is needed but weight reduction is of the utmost importance.

Neutrik Rear TWIST Connectors. Neutrik makes great connectors in general, but this design ups the ante. Inferior BNC connectors twist at the metal BNC coupler and can be difficult to detach in tight quarters. This rear twist connector can be turned at the boot, and it’s hard to go back. This 12-foot cable features a orange boot to help distinguish it from our other lengths of SDI cables. We include an angled BNC adapter to help with awkward SDI port placement.

12 GHz Signal Transmission. All of our Belden SDI cables are 4K-ready and rated for 12G transmission at their respective lengths. These cables are also fully backwards compatible with 6G and 3G applications.

Q & A

  • Will this 12G-SDI cable work with 6G and 3G SDI signals?
    • Yes. Our 12G-SDI cables are fully backwards compatible with 6G and 3G applications.

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    Length: 12’

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    Belden 12ft 12G-SDI BNC Cable

    Cable - Male BNC to Female BNC Angled Adapter