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Atlas 1.4x LF Expander (PL)

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The Atlas 1.4x LF Extender (PL) is an expander and extender that adapts select PL-mount Super35 format lenses for use on PL-mount Full Frame & VistaVision cameras. Focal length is increased by 1.4x with 1 stop of light loss. Key features include:

  • Adapt select PL-mount S35 lenses for use on PL-mount Full Frame / VistaVision cameras

  • Increases focal length by a factor of 1.4x with only 1 stop of light loss

  • Compatible with select S35 lenses featuring apertures of t/2.0 or smaller

  • Mounting an incompatible lens on this adapter can cause damage to both the lens and adapter

Extend S35 Lenses By 1.4×. This Atlas 1.4x LF Extender (PL) was designed by the Atlas Lens Co. to extend their Orion Series anamorphic lenses by a factor of 1.4x, but the adapter can be used with other select lenses. See the compatibility paragraph below for more into. The adapter accepts PL-mount lenses and also attaches to PL-mount cameras.

Expand S35 Lenses for FF/VV Coverage. The adapter uses multiple high quality glass elements to expand the coverage area of Super35 lenses to cover full frame and VistaVision sized sensors from manufacturers like ARRIRED, Canon, and Sony. Expanding the image circle causes light loss of 1 and 1/3 stop.

Compatibility. The Atlas extender / expander is compatible with all Atlas Orion anamorphic lenses but will also mount to PL lenses that have short enough rear elements and apertures of t/2.0 or smaller. If you have your own lenses or will be sourcing them elsewhere, use this printable clearance check gauge that Atlas provides to check fitment before renting. If you have questions about compatibility with lenses we rent, please contact us.

Q & A

  • What can happen if I mount this adapter to an incompatible lens?
    • If you mount this adapter on a lens with a rear element that extends too far from the flange, you will damage both the adapter and lens glass. It’s a costly mistake, so we encourage you to double check the lens compatibility with this printable clearance check gauge. If you have questions about compatibility with lenses we rent, please contact us.

  • Will this work with lenses and cameras other than PL-mount?
    • No. This is a PL-mount lens to PL-mount camera adapter. If you’ll be using this with a large format LPL-mount camera, you’ll need a separate PL to LPL adapter.






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Atlas 1.4x LF Expander (PL)

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