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ARRI EF Lens Mount w/LBUS for Alexa Mini LF
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ARRI EF Lens Mount w/LBUS for Alexa Mini LF

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The ARRI EF Lens Mount w/LBUS for Alexa Mini LF allows you to mount cine-style or still photo lenses utilizing a Canon EF mount to ARRI ALEXA Mini LF and Alexa Mini cameras. Key features include:

  • EF lens mount with large format coverage

  • Works with Alexa Mini / Mini LF

  • Captive screws for simplified installation

  • LBUS connector for ARRI lens motor support

Large-Format EF Mount. Unlike the original ARRI EF Lens Mount that only provided coverage for smaller Super 35 sensors, the ARRI EF Lens Mount w/LBUS is designed with a wide, light baffle, allowing full frame and vista vision EF mount lenses to be used on large-format sensors without vignetting.

Made for the Minis. In a second significant departure from its predecessor, this mount is designed exclusively for ARRI ALEXA Mini LF and Alexa Mini cameras and is mechanically incompatible with non-mini ARRI camera systems.

Iris, IS & LBUS Support. This mount not only allows you to set iris and power image stabilization through the camera when paired with compatible EF mount still photo lenses, it also features an on-board LBUS connector for use with cforce-type lens motors (not included) for added functionality while shooting with cine-style lenses.

Q & A

  • Is this compatible with the AMIRA?
    • No, this mount is not mechanically compatible with the ARRI AMIRA.

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    Canon EF

    ARRI EF Lens Mount w/LBUS

    Stabilizer Accessory - Ball-Point Hex Driver 3mm