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Aputure F10 Barndoors for LS 600d Fresnel Attachment
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Aputure F10 Barndoors for LS 600d Fresnel Attachment

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*up to 2nd day air - overnight available


The F10 Barndoors for LS 600d Fresnel Attachment by Aputure give you control of the beam spread of the Aputure LS 600d when using the F10 Fresnel Attachment. Key features include:

  • Mounts directly onto the F10 Fresnel Attachment

  • Shapes beam spread from 15 to 45°

  • Eight-leaf design for greater control

  • Black internal reflector for sharper shadows.

Control Your Light. The F10 Barndoors for the LS 600d F10 Fresnel Attachment from Aputure gives you a pathway to powerful light control. These barndoors will allow users to change the beam angle spread from 15 to 45°. Simply swing one or more leaves into the beam path to light areas you want and to keep light from areas you don’t want illuminated. The 8-leaf design gives even greater control than 4-leaf versions and provides clean cuts of light.

Q & A

  • I have an Aputure LS 600d Pro fixture, will I need anything else to use these barndoors?
  • Does this rental include a flash?
    • No, this rental is just for the barndoors. If you need a flash, check out the recommended sections of this page.

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