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Anton Bauer LP4 Quad V-Mount Battery Charger
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Anton Bauer LP4 Quad V-Mount Battery Charger

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The Anton Bauer LP4 Quad V-Mount Battery Charger is a compact simultaneous charger. Key features include:

  • Simultaneous four-battery charging

  • Priority charging for quick changeover

  • Software-optimized charging

  • Wi-Fi network integration

Priority Charging. When you’re simultaneously charging four batteries, the Anton Bauer LP4 Quad V-Mount Battery Charger detects which one has the strongest charge and prioritizes it. This ensures that you’ll have a fully charged battery as quickly as possible.

Software-Optimized Charging. This charger’s internal software monitors compatible batteries’ charging processes and discharge curves. The monitoring allows the LP4 to charge each battery according to its own characteristics.

Wi-Fi Network Integration. The LP4 includes integrated Wi-Fi for fleet management by rental facilities, ENG/EFP/OB vehicles, and broadcast-equipment depots.

Q & A

  • Will this charger work with non-Anton Bauer branded V-Mount batteries?
    • The LP4 V-Mount charger will only charge V-Mount batteries made by Anton Bauer. While batteries made by other brands may briefly be recognized by the charger, it won’t reliably charge those batteries.

  • Brand

    Anton Bauer

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    Power Compatibility

    V Mount

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    Anton Bauer - LP4 Quad Charger V-Mount

    Charger - 3 Prong Universal Power Cord 6ft