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Avenger 9.8ft Turtle Base C-Stand Grip Arm Twin Kit
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Avenger 9.8ft Turtle Base C-Stand Grip Arm Twin Kit

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The Avenger 9.8ft Turtle Base C-Stand Grip Arm Twin Kit is a double C-stand and grip arm kit that provides sturdy support for heavy lighting equipment along with a set of must have mounting options for lights and accessories. Key components include:

  • (2) Avenger 9.8’ Turtle Base C-Stands

  • (2) Avenger D200 2.5-inch Grip Heads

  • (2) Avenger D520LB 40-inch Grip Arms

  • (2) Avenger C1575B Super Clamps

9.8’ Turtle Base C-Stand The chrome-plated steel stand supports up to 22 lbs. It has a three-section column with two risers that extend to a maximum height of 9.8-feet. Captive handles keep the tightening knobs from being accidentally removed and lost. The collapsible base detaches from the riser column, enabling easier transport. The legs feature a spring-loaded design for simple setup.

2.5-Inch Grip Head Great for holding grip arms, scrims, and flags. It features a 5/8-inch (16mm) baby receiver for mounting to a stand, with 5/8-inch (16mm), 3/8-inch (9.5mm), 1/2-inch (12.7mm), and 1/4-inch (6.35mm) slots for holding a wide variety of accessories in different diameters.

40-Inch Grip Arm Provides additional reach and mounting options for small lights, scrims, and flags. It’s essentially a 40-inch steel rod with a 2.5-inch grip head permanently attached. The grip head offers all of the same mounting connections as the D200 grip head mentioned above.

Super Clamp A strong-jawed clamp that can hold just about anything 2.16 inches or smaller. Mounting connections include 1/4"-20 female threads, a dual-locking 5/8" hexagonal female receiver, and an Avenger E600 male mounting pin. Also included are two wedge inserts for clamping onto flat surfaces.

Wheeled Transport Case Grip gear gets heavy quick. Our 9.8ft C-Stand Grip Arm Twin Kit is packed and shipped in a wheeled hard case to help you get from point A to point B with a little less stress.