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Nikon 200-400G f/4 AF-S ED VR II


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Item Condition

The filter knob is missing on this lens. This lens does have a few scuffs on the outside of the body, the glass is clean and the lens is in perfect working condition. We have lowered the price significantly to address the lens's condition, it's a great value! This lens will not come with a Tenba bag or a Wimberly plate, that's for our rentals! :) It will come in its original Nikon box and includes a 2 year warranty!

Product Description

This lens is gorgeous and sharp! It definitely requires a monopod or a tripod but if you need a serious telephoto lens, give this one a test drive. The latest version from Nikon includes the new VR system and Nano Crystal Coated glass. We’ll ship it in a nice padded Nikon case you can use while you have it. 

Unlike our other lenses, the super telephoto lenses will be shipped in Nikon soft cases which can be used to transport the lens during your rental period. 

Please let us know if you would like to have a Wimberley type plate included with the lens.