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The SEED Foundation

At LensProToGo, we believe life is about opportunity. Some of us are born into families

that provide a mountain of opportunity. Supportive parents, a good roof covering a warm

home, plenty of healthy food and a first rate education are essential building blocks

needed for all children. Those of us who are lucky enough to be born into such families

make future success nearly inevitable.

For many living without a strong support system and a great education, future success

becomes a nearly unattainable goal and the cycle of poverty continues for yet another


Our goal is to help provide opportunity for those who would otherwise have a difficult time

realizing their promise. That is why we are strong supporters of the SEED Foundation.

The foundation builds college-prep public boarding schools in underserved urban areas

and provides a rigorous first-rate academic and life skills curriculum for students in grades

6 through 12. The boarding aspect of the schools ensures a safe and secure environment

for all of the students. An amazing 97% of SEED graduates are accepted to college and

break the generations-old cycle of poverty. They are beating the odds and we are going to



LensProToGo donates 2% of gross rental revenue (that’s revenue, not profit) to the

SEED Foundation. For us, this is not just a nice cause. It’s a critical issue to the success

of our country and for an entire generation of kids who need our unwavering support.

We thank you for helping us to support this vital cause.

The Team at LensProToGo