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RadioPopper PX Transmitter

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The PX Transmitter is the core of the best wireless flash system in the world, the PX System. 

To take advantage of eTTL and High Speed Sync, all while avoiding the drawbacks of line of sight, short range and sunlight interference, you'll need a PX Transmitter to control your remote flashes. One transmitter will allow you to control as many flashes as you want. 

The system is very easy to use once you have it setup. simply place the transmitter on top of your master flash, commander or on-camera commander, attach your receivers, and you're good to go.

Please note that you will need a proper  PX Receiver if you don't have one.

Please be sure to read through the online documentation at on how to sync the transmitters & receiversIt's easy to do, but you'll want the manual by your side!