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Zacuto Wooden Dual Trigger Grips

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The Zacuto Wooden Dual Trigger grips is a straightforward dual grip accessory that is compatible with most 15mm LWS rod systems. Key features include:

  • Dual grips for most 15mm LWS rod mount systems

  • Tool less length adjustable arms

  • Scale markings for better rig balance

  • Easily adapts to Recoil Pro kits

Tools-Free Trigger Grips. Building upon Zacuto’s existing Trigger Grip system, the Zacuto Wooden Dual Trigger Grips is a basic two-grip solution that is compatible with most 15mm lightweight rod systems. The wooden handgrips and scale marking are designed for optimal balance and comfort and the trigger releases allow for on-the-fly handgrip positioning at the press of a lever.

But Then There’s the Wrench Tool. While this grip system is designed to be tools-free and widely compatible with 15mm rigs, the handgrips can be removed using our included wrench tool, allowing for easy integration into any of our Zacuto kits. Using the wrench tool, you can quickly swap out one of the wooden grips with the camera-specific grip included in most of our Recoil Pro kits and even have the freedom of choosing your preference between left and right side mounting.

Up, Down, All Around. The Zacuto Trigger Grips were designed to be as versatile as possible. The arms allow for length adjustments between 13 and 16", each grip can rotate a full 360°and be adjusted forward and backward, and the arms can be flipped up or down, independent of one another.



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Video Support - Zacuto Wooden Handgrip