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Westcott Skylux LED Light



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Westcott Skylux LED Light is the latest additional to Westcott's line up for lighting gear. This dimmable LED fixture is daylight balance and flicker free which makes it perfect for both still and motion capture. It is the first daylight balanced LED that is CRI Rated at 94+. In plain English it means the color of the light produced by the Skylux does not fluctuate as some other LED lights on the market. Other notable features of this light:

  • Quiet operation
  • Lightweigh, solid metal housing
  • Diffused front glass
  • Built in tilter bracket
  • Attaches virtually any standart photo light modifier
  • Comes with a standard wide angle reflector

SkyLux Power Brick

SkyLux Power Cable

SkyLux Reflector

SkyLux Cap

Universal Power Cable