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Vagabond Mini Lithium Battery Pack
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Vagabond Mini Lithium Battery Pack

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The Paul C. Buff Vagabond Mini Lithium Battery Pack is a delightful portable battery and pure sine wave inverter designed to power a variety of small electronics. The Mini features 2x standard wall outlets and a single .5A USB port. It will power a single Alien Bee DigiBee DB800 strobe (320ws) for about 800 full power pops with a 2 second recharge time. With a bigger strobe such as the Alien Bee B1600 strobe (640ws) the Vagabond Mini will last about 400-500 full power pops with a 4 second recharge time. The Mini will also power a bunch of our LED lights like the LimeLite (for 2 hours), Skylux (for 1 hour), FLEX 1x1 (for 1.5 hours), FLEX 1x2 (for 1 hour) & Fiilex P360EX (for 1 hour). Paul C. Buff has finally given us a new mounting option which features a large yoke that attaches to the Mini with a separate, removable Super Clamp. This is a bulletproof set up that will attach directly to a light or C stand without moving. The Vagabond Mini charges in a bout 3 hours. DO NOT use standard modeling lamps (LEDs are OK to use!) when using any Vagabond product, it will drain the battery super fast and may overheat the inverter. This unit can also power small accessories, ie radios, laptops, tablets, etc AS LONG AS the draw from the accessory is less than 120W.

Weight / Dimensions 3.5 pounds total weight / 2.75” x 4.3” x 7.5” dimensions including battery
Battery 14.8V 8.8AH LiCoxNiyMnzO2 lithium battery (130 watt-hours)
Battery Charging 3-hour rapid charging with supplied universal charger (95VAC to 250VAC)
Powering Capacity one to four Paul C. Buff™ flash units
(the more lights connected, the longer the recycle time)
Recycle Time

recycles 160 Ws in approx. 0.75 seconds
recycles 320 Ws in approx. 1.5 seconds
recycles 640 Ws in approx. 3 seconds
recycles 1280 Ws in approx. 7 seconds
Battery Life

640 Ws: Typically 400 to 500 shots per charge
1280 Ws: Typically 200 to 250 shots per charge

Vagabond Mini Battery Charger

Charger - Non-Polarized Cable

Paul C. Buff Super Clamp