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Vagabond Lithium Extreme Battery Pack



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The Vagabond Lithium Extreme is Paul C. Buff's newest and most hideously colored portable battery pack. Don't let the 80s paint job fool you, this battery is packed with wonderful new technology allowing you to power up to 3200 combined Ws! The Lithium Extreme system provides much faster recycle time than the previous Vagabond Mini, only 2 seconds from your standard 640Ws strobe, an AlienBee B1600 or Einstein 640 for example. This battery pack will provide about 500 full powered pops on a standard 640Ws head. The Extreme will take about 3 hours to recharge fully. DO NOT use modeling lamps when using any Vagabond product, it will drain the battery super fast and may overheat the inverter. This unit can also power small accessories, ie radios, laptops, tablets, etc AS LONG AS the draw from the accessory is less than 400W.

Vagabond Extreme Charger

Round-Edge Power Cable