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The Teradek VidiU Pro Wireless Streaming Video Encoder is an all-in-one solution for live webcasting. For an improved version that will work with Facebook, check out the Teradek VidiU Go. Key features include:

  • Requires internet access

  • Wireless streaming over a variety of devices

  • High-quality footage

  • SD card backup

Requires Internet Access to Function. The quality of your experience with the Teradek VidiU Pro Wireless Streaming Video Encoder will be dependent upon the speed and reliability of your internet access. The VidiU Pro also supports USB 3G/4G modems, but we do not rent them.

Flexible Streaming Options. Unlike most other web-streaming devices, the VidiU Pro supports a range of different live-streaming services like DaCast, Ooyala, Akamai, Azure, Ustream, Livestream, YouTube Live, Wowza, or any RTMP Platform.

LiveLink Technology. You can use the associated smartphone app to sign in to any online video platform. “Going Live” is as simple as pressing a single button, as the details are handled with fewer steps and less complexity than ever before.

ShareLink Cloud Services. ShareLink allows you to achieve maximum bandwidth and ultimate reliability by bonding multiple Internet connections from different sources. Combine Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB modem, or even up to four iPhone cellular connections to help deliver your content. (Additional fees apply.)

High-Quality Footage. The on-board hardware encoder converts your footage in real time to a streaming-friendly H.264 (w/AAC audio) at up to 5 Mbps quality.

SD Card Backup. You can record your stream to an SD card. This allows you to archive, make quick edits, and redistribute footage to other video services.

Built-in Battery. The internal lithium-ion battery allows operation for up to two hours without the need for external power.

Q & A

  • Does this encoder support streaming over Facebook?
    • No, this encoder doesn’t support streaming over Facebook.

    • For an updated version of this product that will work with Facebook, check out the Teradek VidiU Go

  • How long does the internal battery last? Do you have spares?
    • In our experience, the battery usually lasts about 80 minutes. We do not have spares for this product.

  • Does this rental include HDMI cables?
    • This rental doesn’t include HDMI cables. If you need HDMI cables, you can find them here.

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    Teradek VidiU Pro

    AC Adapter - Teradek VidiU 9V 2A

    Video Support - Teradek VidiU Hotshoe Mount

    Video Support - Teradek VidiU Hotshoe Screw