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Sony UWP-D Wireless Lavalier Mic / Plug-on Transmitter Kit
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Sony UWP-D Wireless Lavalier Mic / Plug-on Transmitter Kit

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The Sony UWP-D Wireless Lavalier Mic / Plug-on Transmitter Kit is a professional quality wireless microphone kit capable of transmitting one lav microphone signal and one XLR microphone signal to a single bodypack receiver. Key features include:

  • Frequency range 470 to 542 MHz

  • Receiver features two wireless channels & 1/8" mic input

  • Includes one receiver, one lav transmitter, & one plug-on transmitter

  • Includes upgrade to Sanken lavalier microphone

2-Channel Lav Kit. The Sony UWP-D Two Channel Wireless Lav Mic Kit is a full-featured, professional wireless system that can be used for redundancy with critical audio or to simply use one lav microphone and one XLR microphone with a single receiver. If you’d rather have a dual lav kit, check out the Sony UWP-D Two Channel Wireless Lavalier Mic Kit.

Sanken Lavalier Mic. We’ve upgraded the Sony kit with a Sanken COS-11D lavalier microphone which offers radio frequency shielding for low-noise, transparent audio reproduction inside a durable, water-resistant housing.

Plug-On Transmitter. The UTX-P03 plug-on transmitter can integrate any mic or line level XLR signal into the UWP wireless system. It features +48V phantom power for microphones that require it.

Wide RF Coverage & Auto Selection. Novice users will still find setup to be simple with automatic channel selection from the URX-P03D receiver’s wide, 470 to 542 MHz frequency range.

AA Battery Powered. This kit will require six total AA batteries for operation. Each bodypack can run for up to 8 hours on a pair of batteries. Standard AA batteries will work great, but we offer a Rechargeable AA Battery 8-Pack Travel Kit that will save you a trip to the drug store.

Inputs/Outputs. The UTX-B03 bodypack transmitter features an 1/8" input that can ingest both mic and line level inputs with the flick of a switch. The receiver has separate outputs for each channel as well as a headphone output and an auxiliary microphone input. The UTX-P03 Plug-On Transmitter has just the XLR3 connector.

Shoe Communication with Select Sony Cameras. With the optional Sony SMAD-P3D Multi-Interface Shoe Adapter (not included), this kit can transmit two channels of audio through a compatible Sony camera’s multi-interface shoe adapter without additional cables.

Q & A

  • Can I use any 1/8" TRS lav mic with this kit?
    • No. This kit isn’t wired for the Countryman B6 Omnidirectional Lavalier Mic (White), Countryman B6 Omnidirectional Lavalier Mic (Black) or the Countryman Isomax B3. If you need another solution, please contact us.

  • Does this kit include batteries?
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    Lavalier Mic



    Item Type


    Sony UWP-D Wireless Lavalier Mic / Plug-on Transmitter Kit

    Audio Accessory - Sony BATC-3AA Battery Case

    Audio Accessory - Sony BATC-3AA Battery Case

    Audio Accessory - Sony BATC-3AA Battery Case

    Audio Accessory - Sony UTX-P03 Case

    Audio Accessory - Sony UWP-D Shoe Mount Adapter

    Cable - Sony Locking 1/8" Mini to XLR

    Cable - Sony Locking 1/8" Mini to XLR

    Cable - Sony Stereo mini-BMP Splitter

    Cable - USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B

    Hardware - Sanken COS-11D Lavalier - Black

    Mic - Sanken COS-11D Lavalier (Normal Sens / 1/8" Sony TRS)

    Mic - Sony URX-P03D 2-Channel Receiver

    Mic - Sony UTX-B03 Transmitter

    Mic - Sony UTX-P03 Plug-On Transmitter (UC14)