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Sony AXS-R7 External 4K RAW Recorder for Sony F5 / F55
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Sony AXS-R7 External 4K RAW Recorder for Sony F5 / F55

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The Sony AXS-R7 External 4K RAW Recorder is a high quality recorder for Sony PMW-F5 & Sony PMW-F55 CineAlta cameras that captures up to 16-bit RAW to AXSM A Series media. Key features include:

  • Records 16-bit RAW & X-OCN files from Sony F5 & F55 CineAlta cameras

  • High-speed RAW recording up to 4K/120 & 2K/240 fps

  • Simple & secure installation on CineAlta cameras & integrated v-mount battery plate

  • Paid firmware upgrades may be required for some features

Realize the Sony F5 & F55’s True Potentials. We rent the Sony AXS-R7 External 4K RAW Recorder to maximize the image quality available from the Sony PMW-F5 CineAlta & Sony PMW-F55 CineAlta 4K cameras. With this recorder, the CineAlta cameras get 16-bit RAW recording and X-OCN compressed RAW.

High-Speed Recording. This recorder can support RAW and X-OCN recording in 4K/120 fps and 2K/240 fps. Please note that additional paid upgrades may be required. 

30-Second Cache Recording. Never miss a moment of action with a full thirty seconds of cached footage that can be saved at the touch of a button to RAW and X-OCN formats.

Simple Installation. This recorder attaches directly to the rear of a Sony F5 or F55 camera via a locking latch mechanism and a four-screw top support bracket. If you want to use this recorder with the Sony Venice, we rent the Sony AXS-R7 External 4K RAW Recorder for Sony Venice

Powered by V-Mount. This recorder has an integrated V-Mount battery plate that powers both the recorder and an attached camera. No batteries or chargers are included, but we have single Anton Bauer Dionic XT90 V-Mount Batteries available separately.

Q & A

  • Are there any issues attaching this recorder while using any third-party F5 / F55 support accessories?
    • Yes. Specifically, some top plates use the top support plate mounting holes. If you rented one of our F5 or F55 cameras, you will need to remove the Berkey top plate. The top handle can mount directly to the camera even with the top plate removed.

  • Does this rental include batteries or a charger?
  • Will this work with cameras other than Sony CineAlta cinema cameras?
    • No. This recorder uses a proprietary connector to communicate with Sony PMW-F5 & Sony PMW-F55 CineAlta cameras only.

  • Is all AXS A-series media compatible with this recorder?
    • All AXS A-series media will work with this recorder, but some of the X-OCN XT codec’s frame rates and resolutions will not be available without S48 rated AXS media.

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    Hardware - AXS-R7 for Sony F5/F55

    Video Recorder - Sony AXS-R7

    Video Recorder - Sony AXS-R7 Camera Adapter

    Video Recorder - Sony AXS-R7 Top Cover