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Sekonic L-478DR Light Meter

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Sekonic introduces the new LITEMASTER PRO series of touchscreen light control meters. Ideal for all types of storytellers, the L-478 series offers light measurement and control for photographers and filmmakers alike, plus additional wireless flash triggering and power control in the L-478DR model.

Whether it's filmmaking or photography, great storytellers use light as a main character and as a method to define the mood, focus and setting. Having a tool that allows you total control over dynamic range and multiple light sources make you confident about the craft while focusing on the art.

View some tutorials for filmakers here.

View some tutorials for photographers here.

It's a light meter.  We're pretty nerdy here at LPTG, and even these specs are too nerdy for us.  If you think you're nerdier than we are and really want to read the specs, head here.