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Roland R-26 6 Channel Recorder



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The Roland R-26 is a step up from the popular 4-channel field recorders out there.  The R-26 is a bit larger than something like the H4N and is capable of recording 3 stereo tracks (6-channels) simultaneously.  The R-26 boasts two sets of internal XY mics with either an omnidirectional pickup or a directional pickup pattern.  There are two XLR/TLS inputs as well.  The R-26 will record at 96khz/24Bit.  There is also a plug in power 3.5mm stereo jack for running mics that require plug in power.  

One feature that we really like is that the XLR inputs will accept both MIC and LINE level input giving you lots of flexibility in the field for recording whatever signal you can get your hands on at an event without neeing to carry around pad adapters.  The other big thing is the backlit touchscreen which makes adjusting settings a breeze in comparison to fiddly scroll wheel type buttons for navigating menus.

Other notable things we enjoy about using the R-26 is the auto level sensing feature.  This allows the recorder to sample the input level and make a suggestion for the appropriate setting for the best recording.  The safety track feature will allow you to record the same source to two separate tracks at different input levels so that you're sure you can avoid peaking situations where the audio can be unpredictable.

Overall this is a more mature take on the portable field recorder with a wealth of features to take some of the stress and headache of capturing high quality audio in the field.