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Redrock Micro Matte Box Deluxe Bundle

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The microMatteBox Deluxe Bundle is a great kit to get started using a matte box. It comes with everything you need to help control light and flare using a matte box and filters. It also includes a complete flag kit for additional light and flare management. It comes with everything you need to help control light and flare using a matte box, flags, and filters, and can be upgraded later with additional filter stages or a 19mm swing-away arm for additional compatibility (the microMatteBox Deluxe Bundle comes standard with a 15mm support arm). Rubber donuts provide a flexible method of fitting your 35mm lenses or camera to the microMatteBox to prevent light leaks.

The microMatteBox Deluxe Bundle includes:


  • microMatteBox wide format shade
  • 15mm lightweight (60mm) swing-away arm (rods and baseplate not included)
  • 2 universal 360 degree rotating filter stages
  • large 138mm diameter opening for large lens support
  • 2 dual-purpose filter trays, supporting 4x4 and 4x5.65” filter sizes
  • ability to add additional stages in 1 stage increments
  • support for 5.65" square filters with optional larger filter trays (available separately)
  • 1 wide screen removable matte
  • microMatteBox flag mounting hardware
  • 1 wide screen interchangeable matte
  • Top eyebrow (french flag)
  • 2 adjustable side wings
  • 4 neoprene donuts to fit lenses of varying diameters (diameter of openings 51mm, 64mm, 76mm, 102mm - additional sizes can be cut from supplied donuts)

weight 3 lb 11 oz (with two filter stages and trays)


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