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Pentax 645Z Medium Format DSLR



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Pentax's highly regarded 645Z Medium Format DSLR is here!!! Incredibly fast 27-point Auto-Focus and a much larger than 645D internal buffer ensures you can keep up with the camera's fast (for medium format) 3 fps maximum burst rate. The 645Z sports an ISO range of 100-204,800, which has been previously unheard of in mediumformatland. With 51 megapixels, no optical low pass filter, and a sensor about 1.7x larger than a 35mm DSLR Full Frame sensor, the 645Z is sure to get you pixel peepers all hot and bothered. The 645Z can record images in 8256x5184 (!!!) at either JPG, RAW (PEF or DNG), or TIFF file formats. Dual SDXC card slots and a fast USB 3.0 connection provides quick transfers of those gorgeous, huge files directly to your computer. Like to shoot HD video? You can even shoot Full 1920x1080 HD video at up to 30p or 1280x720 at up to 60p! A micro HDMI port enables external monitor output. Multiply the medium format lens focal length by 0.82x to get an approximate equivalent to a fullframe lens, ie, the 90mm f2.8 would have a similar field of view to ~74mm lens on a fullframe camera. The 645Z is compatible with the new D FA autofocus Pentax lenses and older 645 manual focus lenses.

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