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Paul C. Buff Cyber Commander for Einstein E640

The Cyber Commander works with the Einstein E640. It features a full-color LCD screen that displays the actual camera f-stop of each light (or of all lights or of any particular group of lights) from a built-in high accuracy flashmeter. It enables manual bracketing of individual lights or a group of lights in precise 1/10f digital steps and displays the light name and version for each connected light. In conclusion, it provides far more variation than anything else we offer. With that said, there can be a learning curve. We suggest that if you are receiving this for a weekend rental to get it a day early to take in and learn everything that it has to offer!

Physical Dimensions  
Cyber Commander™ 2" width x 4.75" height (including antenna) x 0.75" depth
1.5" x 2" LCD screen
CST Transmitter 1" width x 3.25" height x 1" depth
CSR / CSR+ Receivers 2.25" width x 4" height x 1" depth (plus 10” cord)
CSRB Receiver 1.375" width x 4" height x 1.125" depth
CSRB+ Receiver 1.75" width x 4" height x 1.25" depth
CSXCV Transceiver 1" width x 2.75" height x 0.375" depth

System Specifications  
System Frequency Range 16 frequencies spaced 2MHz apart, from 2.427GHz to 2.457GHz
System Encoding secure 256-bit binary encoded packet, with validity verification
System Latency 1/4000 typical delay from closing of camera contact to receiver sync output signal
Battery Life - Cyber Commander™ 2 to 3 hours under normal use with premium alkaline batteries (uses two AAA alkaline or lithium batteries)
Sync Voltage less than 4VDC at camera with Cyber Commander™ and CST Transmitter; receivers withstand up to 300VDC from a connected flash unit