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Nikon D4 HDSLR



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If you're looking for the flagship of Nikon's lineup, the D4 is it.  Built with the same DNA as the groundbreaking D3 series cameras, the Nikon D4 improves upon nearly every aspect of the features that made those cameras phenomenal.  

The D4 is a camera that is designed for sports, wedding, event, and photojournalist shooters.  The fast and accurate AF system paired with a maximum frame rate of 10-11 frames per second ensures that you won't miss the moment.  The D4 centers around a full-frame 16.2 MP sensor that strikes an ideal balance between file size and image resolution.        

The ISO sensitivity ranges from 100 - 12,800 ISO and offers special high sensitivity modes up to a staggering 204,800 ISO.  Noise is extremely well controlled at the high ISOs, so much so that shooting up to 3200-6400 ISO requires little thought in terms of image quality.  All of that sensitivity is backed up by an advanced AF system that can focus in near total darkness.  When the D4 is paired with Nikon's fast f/1.4 primes in near darkness, if you can see it with your eyes, you can get a photo of it hand held.

One other area that has seen significant improvement over the D3 series cameras but not received much attention is the improved dynamic range of the sensor.  This means that you'll be holding more detail in your highlights  particularly at high ISOs than before.  

Somewhat controversially, the D4 includes 1 Compact Flash slot as well as an XQD Memory card slot.  The XQD cards are extremely high speed and robustly built but are much harder to find and require a special card reader.  We offer the XQD cards if you need 2nd slot writing capacity for redundancy beyond CF.

Physically the D4 improves upon the already fantastic ergonomics of the Nikon line-up.  Subtle changes such as retaining the exact same hand postion while shooting horizontally or vertically are the small touches that make the D4 feel like an extension of your body.  An extensive custom settings menu provides over 50 ways to tailor your shooting experience   Overall the D4 is a throughly refined camera that will produce truly world class results.

Your rental will include a camera, battery, charger & strap. 

Main Features

  • 16.2 Megapixel Full-Frame Sensor
  • 10/11 fps max frame rate
  • ISO 100-12,800 (expanded ISO 50-204,800
  • 51 Point AF System
  • 1920x1080 HD Video at 24/30 fps
  • CF and XQD Card Slots
  • EN-EL18 Battery

Please click here for pdf version of the manual.

Your package will include:

D4 DSLR Camera.

EN-El18 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery.

MH-26 Battery charger.

Camera strap.

Body Cap.

Nikon EN-EL18 Battery

Nikon MH-26 Battery Charger

Round-Edge Power Cable