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Nikon 16 Fisheye

For all of you out there shooting Nikon full frame cameras like the D800, D600, D3s, D4 and D700, this is the fisheye you're looking for! Small and light with a fast f/2.8 aperture, it'll give you a whole new perspective of your world. With an extreme 180 degree field of view diagonally you'll have to watch that your feet don't end up in your pictures.  

The Nikon 16mm fisheye provides a truly wild perspective.  Its minimum focusing distance is just under 1 foot so you can get really close! This is ideal for "fisheye" style portraits or more traditionally when you have a lot to jam into the frame.  Being a fish-eye lens, there is obviously a lot of barrel distortion, but you can minimize this in your landscape photos by making sure the lens/sensor plane is level to the horizon and by centering it in your frame.

We have such a great time shooting with these fisheye lenses. One thing to note is that the 16mm Fisheye is among the last Nikon AF-D lenses that still have a manual aperture ring and no AF motor built in. Because of this, you can only autofocus on the higher end Nikon bodies (Nikon D3###, D5### series won't work). If you are shooting some of those DX bodies without an AF motor, take a look at the Nikon 10.5mm DX AF-S Fisheye.

Give this lens a try and have some fun distorting reality!