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Monoprice 15ft Ultra-Slim HDMI Male-Mini Cable
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Monoprice 15ft Ultra-Slim HDMI Male-Mini Cable

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The Monoprice Ultra-Slim HDMI is a high-quality, ultra-thin cable with a full-size HDMI male (type-A) to mini-HDMI(type C) connector. This is our fifteen-foot version. Key features include:

  • 10.2 Gbps technology

  • Super-thin cable

  • 4K resolution and uncompressed HD

  • Not a bi-directional cable!

10.2 Gbps Technology. Signal-boosting microchips located in each head allow these cables to transmit broad streams of data without significant signal loss.

Super Thin. These ultra-slim cables by Monoprice provide the flexibility expected by modern productions.

4K Resolution and Uncompressed HD. These cables are capable of reliably transmitting a new generation of ultra-high resolution and uncompressed HD video signals.

This is not a bi-directional cable. It only works in one direction, so it’s important to pay attention to which end is plugged into the source and recipient devices.