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Metabones Nikon G to Sony E Mount Adapter

Finally, a way to mount Nikon glass to Sony E Mount cameras! This adapter supports full-frame sensors like the Sony A7, A7r, & A7s with no cropping. It is a dumb adapter, theres is no data from the lens being transferred to the camera. The adapter comes in a clickless configuration so you can control your aperture smoothly, even while shooting video. Note- In order to punch-in to magnify the image to see if you are in focus, you have to set up one of the custom function buttons on the A7 series camera to "Focus Magnifier." Please give us a ring if you need help!

Before mounting your lens to the adapter, please set the aperture ring of the adapter to "7." This is to ensure that the aperture pin on the lens is correctly seated to the adapter.

Compatible with all Nikon G lenses.